What is Skills Development?  

The ECA is known for their expertise in offering specialised export training to a variety of industries. The ECA has a long, proud history of supporting Australian international business. For the past 60 years we have encouraged, educated and assisted Australian companies, government organisations and industry groups with their export journeys.

The Skills Development team have recognised the need for many businesses to upskill their exporting knowledge, from SMEs to Government organisations. 

The ECA's Skills Development team have traditionally offered face to face training to equip students with exporting knowledge. Since 2016, the ECA has expanded their online training courses to allow for a more diverse group of businesses to access export training.  This allows all business to access comprehensive training from any location and to complete it in a time that suits them. 

In 2020, the Skills Development team have focussed on assisting exporters to meet the dynamic challenges of the international market. The Export Roadmap is the flagship online program that the Skills Development team have created to assist exporters on their journey from pre-export businesses all the way to well-seasoned exporters. 

Do you feel as if your businesses could use some assistance or upskilling in exporting? 

The Skills Development Business Unit of the ECA has assisted thousands of companies to develop and grow business skills in international trade and can help your company too.

The ECA trainings are developed and delivered by a team of experts in the field of international business; these experts include ECA staff members, ECA directors, industry professionals and academics, many of who have worked in international trade for over 40 years.

Let us introduce Dianne Tipping, Chair of the Export Council of Australia: 

Dianne has a long and varied career in international trade promotion and facilitation. Dianne Tipping is the founder and Managing Director of Excon International Pty Ltd. an export management consultancy business that focuses on the management of exports and international projects on behalf of Australian Exporters throughout the world.

Dianne has spent over 35 years handling export transactions and during the early years worked for 2 multinationals and later after opening her own company in 1982 working with the same multi-nationals and others handling their export matters. Companies that she has dealt with since 1982 are still valued as part of her client base.

During her past 20 years, Dianne has spent a great deal of time working with the Export Council of Australia and various other non-government agencies to teach and encourage exporters to achieve their global ambitions in a safe and secure way. Dianne is Chairman of the Education Committee. A senior lecturer for the Export Council of Australia, she has had experience working with exporters and Government personnel in promoting the globalisation of Australia’s export potential.

Let us introduce Shane Styles, the National Skills Development Manager

Shane has been delivering export readiness programs and practical business case studies for the Export Council of Australia for over 5 years, across a range of industries, cultures and markets. In 2020 Shane joined the team as the National Skills Development Manager to broaden ECA’s ability to deliver high-level organisation training alongside the ECA's historical trade training.  

Drawing on his broad range of experience, Shane also coaches industry leaders and corporate executives on personal and professional strategy. In recent years Shane has travelled extensively in Asia, building his knowledge and networks to further assist and train Australian companies to develop best practice initiatives for these important trading markets. His ability to develop leaders and navigate an organisation through its next life cycle to growth is exceptional.

The ECA offers many different training options, targeted at your specific needs and wishes. Take a closer look at the Online Training or  Industry & Corporate Training sections on our website. 

Interested in ECA’s Skills Development Programs?

Email Shane at or Contact Jun on 02 8243 7400 or at to get in contact. 


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