How the benefits of KAFTA are shared – Case study: Australian defence equipment

21.05.2018 Heath Baker

The Export Council of Australia (ECA) interviewed a Korean importer of military clothing and tactical gear.

The importer mostly imported from the US, but over the last few years has looked to diversify its product range, as well as both the companies and countries it imports from. Before KAFTA came into force, the importer would have typically faced tariffs of between 8% and 13% if it had imported from Australia, which would have been uncompetitive.

But when KAFTA came into force, the tariffs fell to zero. Imports from Australia became competitive overnight. The importer now has three Australian suppliers and imports products ranging from gloves to night vision goggles.

KAFTA has meant that Australian military clothing and tactical gear exporters have been able to access a new market, Korean importers have been able to sell new and innovative products to their local market, and the end customers (Korean military and emergency services) have been able to access better equipment at lower prices.

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