Managing International Business Risks

Risk Management is a key part to any international business expansion plans.

Knowing what to do when don’t go to plan is vital, and up-front awareness should also lead to better ways of managing the processes so that the likelihood of problems is reduced.

  1. Country risk: a PEST analysis. Review of the Political, Economic, Social and Technological macro-environmental factors. This is a key component to your external analysis when conducting a strategic analysis or doing market research.
  2. Commercial risk: the risk of not being paid by your buyers. You need to ensure that you are getting your product to buyers and ensuring payment.
  3. Payment risk: payment methods, how to protect your FX risk.
  4. Market risk: contingencies for changes in market conditions and product demand

If your business is new to international trade, it is important to assess and plan for the different risks you will face.

The below guide outlines the key risks you should consider:

  • Marine Cargo Insurance 
  • Products Liability Insurance 
  • Trade Credit Insurance 
  • Political Risks Insurance 
  • Corporate Travel Insurance 
  • Insurance Premium Funding 
  • Credit Insurance for export receivables 
The ECA runs tailored workshops on managing international risks. 






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