As a winner of an export award your company will receive a number of benefits including:

  • Award Finalist certificate and logo for use on your company’s marketing collateral
  • Awards winner’s logo for use on your company’s marketing collateral
  • Awards winner certificate and trophy
  • Media/publicity coverage
  • Extensive profiling by industry and government
  • Opportunity to network with other leading exporters, export facilitators and sponsors who support Australian exporters
Export Awards Ceremony
  • An opportunity to vie for the coveted NSW, WA or QLD Exporter of the Year
  • Free Trade Development workshop with our award partners
  • Promotion of your company through the ECA’s Social Media
Here are how our previous winners have used the awards to further their international business:

"Winning an Export Awards has given us some extra exposure amongst our industry peers and helped put our brand on a more professional level. It has given us recognition from our peers and affirmation that we are doing something meaningful and makes us so proud how far we have come! ” - Jeff Anning, Founder/Director - Evolve Skateboards

Being recognised as a top Queensland exporter has been critical to elevating the profile of Cook Medical Australia and our management team. This profile has allowed us to engage with government and industry stakeholders about issues of concern to Cook and the broader Australian population.” Mr Barry Thomas, Managing Director - Cook Medical Australia.

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