Nominating an Export Hero

1.The concept

The Australian Export Heroes Awards recognise individuals who have made an outstanding contribution to building Australia’s position and performance in international trade.

2. Background

The Australian Export Heroes Awards were created in 1997 as a National event.

3.Selection Criteria

The Australian Export Heroes Awards recognise and congratulate the champions of Australia’s export community. The Australian Export Heroes Awards highlight outstanding careers, dedication and commitment to building Australia’s export and international interests.


Things to consider are:

  • Leadership qualities
  • Negotiation Skills
  • Strong business relationships
  • Export Culture
  • Personal Sacrifices
  • The ability to break down barriers
  • Sustainable and profitable export business
  • Unique characteristics
  • Interesting stories to tell 

There are many facets to developing our export culture in Australia.  As well as adding to the growth of our international trade, the Export Heroes have contributed to Australia’s image as a progressive member of the international business community and are role models for future generations of Australian exporters.

The Australian Export Heroes awards recognise extraordinary contributions made by individual Australians in building our modern export enterprises and helping to further develop a uniquely Australian export culture. Award winners will have demonstrated outstanding vision in making a significant and unique impact while achieving success for their organization, and Australia, in the international marketplace. Heroes selected in any one year should represent a diverse range of industries and endeavours and a geographic spread.

The number of recipients each year is restricted to a maximum of six. Awards will only be made to people who fit the criteria. Click here to download the Selection Criteria >

4. Nominations

Nomination is by way of written submission to the Advisory Council Chair, using the official nomination form, supported by a minimum of three independent references. (Download the nomination form here >). All fields on the nomination form MUST be addressed.

All nominations will be strictly confidential. Only those selected will be invited to join the Australian Export Heroes register and become Export Ambassadors. Please note that nominations must remain confidential until nominees are invited to join the register of Australian Export Heroes.

5. Judging

The nominations are judged by an independent Advisory Council. The Advisory Council is selected by the Board of the Export Council of Australia. The Council will comprise a maximum of seven people, three of whom represent Australian Export Heroes. All Council members will be respected participants in international trade/affairs.

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